Pekpi (peck-pee) noun.
A brand, minimal, cute, sustainable. Named after two little babes.




Pekpi was born from a love for thoughtfully designed, minimal and sustainable childrenswear. We have created a collection of Reusable Cloth Nappies, Swim Nappies and Accessories that are as beautiful as they are functional. 

We are a busy family with two toddlers, who, like most families try to be present, practice gratitude and live a mindful life. Especially at the stage where everything changes in the blink of an eye, it is so important to us that we live our lives in a way that we can be present for our kids and make the most of these early years.

At the heart of Pekpi is this idea of slowing down and simplifying. 



Sustainability is the guiding light for all that we do, so that we can create a better world for our babes. This is why the majority of our collection is made from Repreve® recycled yarn derived from post-consumer plastic bottles.

Find out more about our sustainable practises here.

Kindness is one of our family values as we believe there is always room to give. With every cloth nappy purchased $1 will go to Send Hope Not Flowers who support safe birth projects across eight developing countries.