Easter Activities for Little Ones

Easter Activities for Little Ones


When your little ones are just a little bit too 'little' for the conventional Easter traditions, it can be hard to find ways that they can join in the fun. So we have collated some mindful Easter-themed activities that your bub can enjoy.

Under 6 Months - Egg & Cup Game

Hide a toy egg under a cloth or cup and say "Where's the egg?" inviting bub to reach and find it. This is a wonderful activity for helping to develop their thinking and memory skills whilst also practising hand-eye coordination as they reach to grab the toy.

12 Months - Easter Sensory Play

Make an Easter themed sensory tray filled with rice or water (not together!), bunny and egg toys and a shovel.

12 Months - Sensory Bunny Art 

Draw a bunny outline on a piece of paper and either let them colour it in or paint it with non-toxic craft glue and stick cotton balls to it. Placing the cotton balls onto the glued section allows them to work on their fine motor skills, then allow them to explore the texture of the bunny whilst singing nursery rhymes together.

18 Months + - Hard Boiled Eggs

Boil eggs in water with a drop or two of food dye to colour the shells. When they're cooled let them decorate the eggs with non-toxic crayons (crayons won't penetrate the shell and affect the egg inside). Afterwards they can peel the eggs and have a tasty snack!

18 Months + Pekpi Easter Colour in

And finally, we created our very own Pekpi Easter colour in for all ages!

Download your copy here to print and play at home.


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