DIY fathers day personalised breakfast tray

DIY fathers day personalised breakfast tray

Father's Day, a gentle pause in the relentless rhythm of life, arrives as a moment of reflection and gratitude for the men in our lives. In cherishing the fathers, grandfathers, and father figures, we honour the threads of guidance and understanding they have woven into the fabric of our existence.

For hubby's first Father's Day a few years ago now, we created a special DIY gift that is still very much used to this day. We simply put my son's hand print on the bottom left hand corner and sealed it. We love to make breakfast in bed on this very breakfast tray every year.

Here we show you just how we made it and with little materials how you can too. Give the gift that keeps on giving each year. Most items can be purchased from Kmart or Bunnings or your local art and craft store.

Find links at the bottom to some affordable Breakfast Trays along with a few premium options.


You will need;

A wooden chopping board or ready-made breakfast tray (see links above)

Acrylic or non-toxic paint (not water colour) 

Modge Podge or Spray Sealant

To Make

Simply dip bubs hand in paint and imprint onto the board. Be sure to wash hands thoroughly after. Once dry either spray with the sealant or paint a layer over top with modge podge to seal.

*It is advisable just to wipe clean, rather than dishwash.

Serve hubby or Gdad's favourite breaky on their breakfast tray in bed! They will just love it.

Links to trays

Kmart Bamboo Tray

Kmart Folding Bamboo Tray

Spotlight Wooden Tray

Riot set of two Trays

Adairs Tray

David Jones Wooden Tray

Wheel & Barrow Wooden Tray










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