Holiday Play Ideas

Holiday Play Ideas

Pekpi's Guide to Sustainable Activities for Little Explorers

The holidays are here and there’s endless time to play! Today we’re sharing a few ideas for mindful, low-waste activities to fill your days with fun with babies and toddlers.


Beachfront Eco-Playdate

Kick off your summer with a beachfront playdate that combines sand, sun, and sustainability. Encourage your little ones to create beach art using natural treasures like seashells and driftwood. And don’t forget to bring along your Pekpi Wet Bag to keep sandy toys and wet swimmers separate and prevent a post-beach mess.


Nature-inspired Water Play

Transform your backyard into a water wonderland with nature-inspired water play. Set up a paddling pool or tray of water and add flower petals, leaves, and floating eco-friendly toys. For super hot days, you can even freeze these in a container to create a giant ice block that your little one can chip away at or melt. This not only keeps your little ones cool but also introduces them to the wonders of nature through play!


Library Adventures – Summer Edition

Take a break from the summer heat with a trip to your local library. Encourage a love for reading by borrowing books instead of buying them. Make your library visit extra sustainable by using our [Large Wet Bag]( as a library bag. We love this handy dupe as the size is perfect for a handful of books, and the water-resistant interior adds a layer of protection just in case of spills or splashes!


Outdoor Nature Hunt

Create a backyard nature hunt to keep your little explorers entertained. Craft a list of items for them to find, like a smooth stone, a feather, or a leaf. This not only promotes outdoor play but also fosters a connection to nature.


Upcycled Gift Wrap Craft-ernoon

Make use of the leftover gift wrapping from Christmas by setting up a little craft workshop! For very little babes you can create a little sensory activity to feel different textures - like scrunched, folded or flat. Encourage older tots to get creative by creating collage masterpieces with some non-toxic glue and plain paper.


We hope that these simple activities spark ideas to keep your little adventurers entertained over the holidays. Please tag us on the Pekpi Instagram or TikTok if you give any a go or would like to share your ideas for summer fun with other Pekpi families!


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