When to use Cloth Nappy Liners

When to use Cloth Nappy Liners

Nappy Liners are designed to make using Cloth even easier, especially for those worried about the mess of number twos!


How they work:

Simply add a liner to your Cloth Nappy at change time to catch solids and simplify changes at home or on the go.


3 reasons to use Nappy Liners:

Starting Solids

When your babe starts solid foods you’ll start to notice the difference at change time! Liners will make this messier situation easier to dispose of.


Protect your Cloth Nappies from Creams

Barrier or nappy rash creams are by nature quite thick, and whilst they are ok to use with Cloth Nappies it is important that they don’t start to create a Build up and impact the absorbency of the nappy.


Out and About

One of the most common things we hear from families is that they prefer to use disposables when they’re out and about so that they don’t have to risk carrying a poo-ey Cloth Nappy around however with liners you don’t have to! Offering the convenience of disposables whilst still doing your bit for the planet.


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