Mindful Gift ideas for under 3's

Mindful Gift ideas for under 3's

In this guide, we've curated thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for babies and toddlers, taking the guesswork out of present shopping for you this year!

Choosing meaningful and sustainable gifts for children under three can not only bring joy but also instil values of mindfulness and eco-consciousness from an early age.  In line with our Pekpi values, we are passionate about looking for plastic-free, low toxic or sustainable material options.

These ideas are all under $100, making for great stocking fillers for your babes or presents for little playmates. And best of all, they’re all sourced from our beloved Pekpi stockists. We might be a little biased but they have the best collections in our eyes!

Mum Hack - If you’re wanting to avoid the overflow of plastic, share this link to loved ones looking for gift ideas or share to your socials with a kind message like ‘We are really trying to be more eco-conscious in our household this Christmas and are hoping to avoid plastic in the kids’ presents. There are lots of great alternatives out there these days, here is a helpful post with some ideas!’

For Ages 0-6 Months

It can be hard to shop for very-littles at this time of year. It’s one thing to avoid unnecessary clutter that they will quickly outgrow, let alone narrowing to more mindfully made options. We love to select mindfully from options that will get ongoing use every day or as they grow like Board Books to introduce the joy of reading, or things like Sun-Hats, Swim Nappies or handmade soft toys that encourage sensory development at this stage but are open-ended enough for future play.

Summer & Storm Sun HatPekpi Swim NappyPekpi Small Wet Bag | Knitted Activity Toy | Seashell Soft Rattle


For Ages 1 Year

At this age their little imagination starts to bloom so our favourite gifts are those that foster thoughtful play. A Silicone Beach Play Set is a must have for hours of endless play at the beach, as ocean lovers ourselves we love that these encourage our littles to appreciate the beauty of the seaside! Montessori style shape sorting toys made from sustainable wood are great for developing motor skills and are a much more sustainable alternative to plastic toys.

Beach SetPekpi Swim Nappy | Wooden Stacking Ring Toy | Wooden Puzzle | Montessori Ball Drop


For Ages 2 Years

Our favourite gift ideas for terrific two-year olds are puzzles made from non-toxic and plastic-free materials. This age loves to problem solve and a little mum-hack is to pair it with a Pekpi wet bag to house all of the parts and help Mama take it on the go!

And what does a two year old love more than babychinos? We can’t go past starting them early on reusable cups to avoid the waste of disposables!

Beginner Pets Puzzle | Reusable Babycino Cup | Mix and Match Animal Tiles | Pekpi Medium Wet BagPekpi Swim Nappy 


For Ages 3 years

This age is often when the avalanche of plastic junk occurs! Why not refocus on being part of the solution with imaginative play and toys that encourage environmental consciousness in a fun way. Three-year-olds love games and books with lots of problem-solving, help them discover more about the earth and animals at the same time.

Pekpi Large Wet Bag | Card Deck 'I Love My Planet' | Woodland Memory Game
Gommu Sustainable Dolls | Zero Waste Book


We love the re-frame of eco-gifting kids for Christmas from being a challenge to an opportunity to make more mindful choices! Share your favourite sustainable gift ideas for babies and toddlers in the comments below!

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