Silly Season Sustainable Swaps

Silly Season Sustainable Swaps

‘Tis the season for jolly gift-giving and celebration! 

The holiday season is upon us and while it's a time of joy and fun, it's also an opportunity to infuse our festivities with eco-conscious choices and show our little ones how they can still embrace the Christmas spirit with mindfulness!

We’re sharing our favourite Pekpi swaps for the silly season that reduce our environmental footprint with a thoughtful touch. 

Hopefully inspiring you and your family to embrace sustainable choices that make your celebrations brighter for the planet.

Eco Gift Wrapping Alternatives

Nothing brings joy to little people quite like the excitement of unwrapping gifts (and big people too for that matter!). The environmental impact of traditional printed wrapping paper is significant, our favourite alternative is Reusable Fabric Wraps. We love the idea that each family member gets a set of their very own fabric wraps to use each year, featuring a print or colour combination they love. This also looks fabulous under the tree with everyone’s presents together!

For other friends and family members you can either use fabric scraps you have at home or make it part of the gift with a lovely tea towel, scarf or hand towel.

Look up Furoshiki Wrapping on Pinterest for inspo.

Themed Gift Guides

Unfortunately, the gifting season can be fraught with wastefulness… especially with those people who are tricky to buy for, it can be all too tempting to buy a generic gift that may be merry-in-the-moment, then trash tomorrow.

Encourage a more conscious approach to gifting amongst your circles by creating a theme. Some ideas we love are:

Experience-Based Gifts:

Instead of physical items, make the theme experiences-only like cooking classes, spa days, or concert tickets, creating no-waste memories that last a lifetime!

Secret Santa Swaps:

Rather than buying a gift for everybody, suggest a Secret Santa exchange where everyone is allocated one other person to buy for. You can even search for an online gift exchange where everyone can upload a wishlist to make sure you buy something they actually want to avoid wasteful gifts.

DIY Christmas:

The other conscious gifting idea we love at Pekpi is making a homemade theme - inviting everyone to get creative with crafts or in the kitchen. The money saved on expensive gifts could always be allocated to a charity you choose together to make the gift exchange extend to others in need!

BYO Cutlery to Picnics and Events

With picnics and outdoor events being a common festive activity, reduce single-use plastic waste by BYO-ing more than just the booze!

Create a take-away reusable set for your family including cutlery, cups and plates to bring to each event and avoid disposables. Not only does this reduce waste but also allows you to have an important discussion with your little ones about why it is important to reuse rather than dispose.

This holiday season, let's make mindful swaps that align with our values of sustainability and thoughtfulness. Every small change adds up to a brighter and more sustainable future. Let's celebrate the season with joy, love, and a commitment to our planet.

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