Slow Living, Mindfulness and Minimalism

Slow Living, Mindfulness and Minimalism
Welcome to Pekpi and thank you for joining us! We thought it was only fitting to start by sharing with you some insights into the Pekpi Lifestyle and what slow living means to us. 
As a young family of four, we are really still at the beginning of our sustainability journey. We believe small steps made by many make a big impact, which is why we take every opportunity to make choices that are mindful of our environment. After all, it is about preserving our planet as best we can for our little ones and future generations.

Our sustainable routines…

The Pekpi collection is the perfect example of our approach to making more conscious choices about the items we bring into our home. Opting for a product that is more sustainably made, such as replacing disposable nappies to our reusable ones made from recycled materials, plays a part in reducing our impact one piece at a time.
With busy lives and fast moving little ones, making these sustainable swaps is a practical way to lighten our footprint. It all starts with making one small change after another, once you slowly incorporate these better habits into your routine it becomes easier to make more.

 Some other small changes we try to make are:

Collecting and returning soft plastics back to the supermarket for recycling
Returning egg cartons back to our market vendor to be reused
Reducing single use plastics in the kitchen with silicone storage pouches and containers
Trying to make our own food as much as possible, rather than buying overly packaged pre-made meals and snacks
Using our own keep cups and containers for takeaway, and declining straws


    Mindfulness and minimalism

    Keeping up with a fast paced world makes those small precious moments even more valuable. Especially at the stage when everything changes in the blink of an eye, it is so important to us that we live our lives in a way that we can be present for our kids and make the most of these early years.
    At the heart of Pekpi is this idea of slowing down and simplifying. Whilst we live a busy life it’s about incorporating mindful moments into our day as much as possible, whether it be a quick walk down to the ocean, trying to fit in a simple meditation or a bit of self care (a treasured rarity!). Our favourite routine is Sunday funday, a day we intentionally keep our schedules completely free to be fully in the moment with our family.
    A big part of simplifying our schedules is also simplifying our home. We’ve come to adopt a more minimal approach, a style that not only looks good but also makes us feel good too. Fine lines, neutral tones and pared back styling create a calming space for us to live, relax, work and play.
    Our children, like most, adore colour so we have come to love adding hints of unique colours that feel bright, light and uplifting. It’s not hard to see that this space gives us endless inspiration for our collections.

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