What's Inside Our Mum Bag

What's Inside Our Mum Bag

Take a dive into our Mum Bag essentials, everything we like to carry with us on the go with an eco-friendly and low waste slant.




 Change Mat

Prepare for the inevitable with a travel cloth mat, an easy fold-up design fits discreetly inside your bag so that you're ready for a quick change wherever you are.

When designing our Nappy collection we knew a travel-friendly Change Mat was an addition we couldn't do without. So we created one with the same eco-friendly Repreve® Fabric as our Nappies (made from 100% Recycled Plastics) on one side for leak-proofing, and a super soft Bamboo on the other for comfort for bub.


Spare Cloth Nappies

 When deciding to commit to reusables it comes with the territory that you should always carry a backup, so this is always our first addition to the bag before we head out the door. 

Explore the Cloth Nappy collection, these will be available for Pre-order at the beginning of April.


Natural Nappy Cream

Another Nappy Bag no-brainer is your Nappy Cream. Our preference is for natural ingredients, and we love the Bootie Balm by Being Skincare for this reason. It also comes in a beautiful glass jar that fits easily into our bags, and can be reused afterwards - which is certainly an added bonus for us.


Cloth Wipes

We always have Cloth Wipes around the home and love to keep a few handy when we head out. We always seem to find reason to find a use - whether that be for nappy changes, messy faces and little accidents.

We ensured ours were made from a French Bamboo terry, for softness and maximum absorbency whilst also being lightweight.

Keep reading for our favourite hack for these!


Wet Bags

Without a doubt our Mum-Bag M.V.P. is our Wet Bags. Rather than rummaging around in our bag one-handed while the other is occupied by a Mini, these keep everything organised so that you can grab your essentials in one go.

They are also great for keeping used nappies, wipes or soiled clothing separated and mess-free in your bag.

One detail we knew could not be missed when designing these is our snap-button strap, making it easy to attach one to your pram or the inside of your bag for easy access. Shop Large and Small Wet Bags here.



Our family hails from the Sunshine State of Australia so Sunscreen is a daily essential. We carry a tube for on-the-go reapplication and like to make sure we opt for a Reef-friendly formula that is also gentle on little one's skin. We're huge fans of The Kind Sunscreen and their SPF 30 all-natural zinc formula that is gentle enough for babes and breastfeeding mammas.


Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser is certainly a modern-day must, but we're conscious of chemical laden formulas that can be drying on sensitive skin. We were so pleased to recently discover Squeakie Hand Santiser, founded by a Mamma and Daughter duo which contains no nasties, renewably sourced ingredients, and a recyclable container derived from sugar cane. 


Reusable Straws

Our family makes a conscious choice to minimise the resources we use in our everyday lives. We've found in this journey that being prepared is key, as it's the little moments like getting a juice at a cafe, that single-use consumption can mindlessly creep in as a habit. 
In our Mum Bag we like to keep a few metal straws (like these from Seed and Sprout) on hand to substitute when we are offered plastic or paper ones, and (when permitted) we always bring a reusable keep-cup for any takeaway drinks. Eco-friendly cutlery is another good idea if there's a chance you might eat out.

Stainless Steel Drink Bottle

One for Mum and one for Bub. These are great as they keep your drink nice and cool all day. We don't go anywhere without one so that we never have to rely on plastics (after all, we designed Pekpi with a material that repurposes discarded plastic bottles to remove them from the environment!).



Shop our Accessories Collection for On-the-Go Essentials.




To substitute conventional disposable wet-wipes, pre-wet a Multi-use Wipe and carry in a Wet Bag when you’re on the go.


What are your favourite Mum-Bag hacks? We'd love to know! DM us on Instagram with your favourites.


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