Cloth Nappy Washing Guide


Pekpi Wash Guide

We want to take the guesswork out of washing your cloth nappies. Making the switch is easy, just follow our basic wash guide below.

STEP 1. Dry-pail

Knock solids off into the toilet, rinse inserts and store both in a dedicated wash basket with airflow, also known as a dry-pail.

STEP 2. Pre-wash

Every two days warm wash covers and inserts on your machines shortest cycle with a half serve of eco-friendly detergent.

STEP 3. Main wash

Follow by a warm wash on the longest cycle your machine will allow with a full serve of eco-friendly detergent.

STEP 4. Dry

Air-dry covers and inserts or tumble dry ensuring covers are on a low temperature and Inserts on a medium temperature.

Important - When washing please do not exceed 60°C as this can damage the waterproofing on your covers.