Washing Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend washing your new nappies once to remove any manufacturing residue. This only needs to be a standard length machine wash with cool to warm water.

You do not need to pre-soak your inserts, they will slowly build absorbency with each wash. You may notice small fibres making their way out of the edges of sewing, this is normal and will disappear after a few washes.

The best detergent to use is the one that suits your family best. We like to use eco-friendly detergents such as Kin-Kin Naturals and B Clean Co Baby and have found this brand effective.

For number two soiled nappies follow the process above with a pre-wash before adding the Swim Nappy into your main load.

If the Swim Nappy is not soiled simply wash in your main wash (do not exceed 60 degrees).

To ensure its longevity ensure that your Swim Nappy doesn't come into contact with sun lotions and rough surfaces.

It is not recommended to soak our Cloth Nappy outer shells or Swim Nappies. The reason for this is that the outer shell is coated with a water resistent membrane to prevent leakage. Soaking can quickly weaken this membrane and damage your nappy.

If heavily soiled our bamboo inners can be soaked for a short period time with lukewarm water and a gentle detergent (do not bleach) to assist in stain removal. However we find if you are washing your nappies frequently (not allowing them to sit for over 24 hours) and using an effective detergent in your main wash this will suffice in removing stains.