Mama Muse: A moment with Pekpi founder, Aimee

Mama Muse: A moment with Pekpi founder, Aimee

This month on the Pekpi Journal we're making space to chat to Pekpi founder, Aimee. The heart and soul of our brand is a credit to Aimee's vision of creating mindful, stylish and sustainable reusable products for her very own babes.


Tell us about your family!

There’s hubby and I and our two little loves, a boy and girl aged 4 & 6.

What inspired you to start Pekpi, and how does motherhood and family influence your work?

We’re always striving to do more for our planet and when we couldn’t find an aesthetically pleasing cloth nappy that didn’t leak or cause rashes we decided to create our own. I’m inspired by motherhood daily and my children are a constant reminder to slow down which I like to use as part of our brands’ messaging.

In your household, how do you incorporate mindful and environmentally conscious practices into your everyday routines?

We minimize our plastic usage, opt for earth-friendly cleaning and self-care products, use keep cups, we always take lunch and snacks with us to minimize any use for takeaway items.


As a mother, what are some little luxuries and mindfulness practices that you try to make space for?

If I’m not at Pilates and if it is possible I’ll wake up before the kids do, I like to have my Ashwagandha tea in the morning preferably outside while the sun rises. I try to read a few times a week, walk, feel the sun on my skin in one way or another.

Looking back, what is a piece of advice you would give to a mother at the beginning of her journey into matrescence? 

Slow down. The housework can wait. Soak in all the small moments, just the two of you. Take the photo - even if your boobs are leaking through your shirt, you haven’t showered in days and your hair like crusty the clown, trust me, take the photo.


In your opinion, why is it important for parents to consider sustainability when making purchases for their children?

I believe we have a duty as parents to lead the next generation in making good choices when it comes to sustainability and looking after our planet. Not just to minimize the imprint of our actions on the world that our babes will one day inherit but also to demonstrate to them that our choices do have impact on our earth. So it’s twofold - teaching them and showing them that our world’s resources are not infinite, and we have a responsibility to make choices that show respect for mother nature.


And what do you think is the role of the children's wear industry in promoting sustainable and ethical practices?

Along the same lines, I think it is our role as makers to do our due dillengence to ensure that suppliers meet global safety and humane standards in the form of certifications. Avoiding making false or misleading claims and always revisiting whether your actions are in line with your values and the best practise standards when it comes to sustainability.

Looking towards the future, what sustainability goals do you hope to achieve with Pekpi in the coming years?

Of course continuing to take more plastic from our oceans by using our Repreve 100% recycled ocean plastic material in all of our goods. We are also working on more sustainable products inline with this ethos - both reusable and minimal waste essential items for young families. We would also love to expand our actions by participating in and getting behind clean up and conservation days. 



Aimee's picks for Mama + Babe:

belly oil | being skincare

I love the being balm belly oil, I actually use this on scaring too (like the ones from mozzie bites on my legs!)

wet bag | medium

We use this SO often for so many things, from kindy to the beach. Even for my laptop or work books.

tri-fold | nappy inserts

Small but mighty - these gave such great absorbency throughout the night for my heavy-wetter.



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