Advice for New Mammas considering Cloth Nappies

Advice for New Mammas considering Cloth Nappies

Congratulations! It is such a magical time awaiting the arrival of your little one. But let's face it… it can be downright confusing knowing what you need.

If you’re also thinking about using reusable Cloth Nappies with your new babe you might be wondering what else you need to consider on your Baby List. So today we wanted to answer some frequently asked questions from mammas-to-be who are considering using Modern Cloth Nappies for their newborns.

What do I need to know before starting out with Cloth Nappies?

Well, first of all… that you’ve made a great choice for your babe and the planet that they will one day inherit! The average child will require upwards of 6,000 nappy changes so even making the switch for a portion of these to reusables plays such a part in reducing your contribution to landfill.

Our style of Modern Cloth Nappies are a one-size-fits-most, meaning you can use Pekpi Cloth Nappies right from birth through to toddler (approx 3.5kg to 16kg).

Before you get started inform yourself about how to get the best fit with our Cloth Nappy Fit Guide - taking note of the Newborn Fit Guide. You’ll also need to think about how you will create your washing routine with the advice from our Washing Guide.

How many nappies will I need?

For a full time Cloth Nappy routine you will need between 20-30 Cloth Nappies, depending on how easily you can wash and dry your used nappies. In the early days you’ll probably be changing the nappies every 2-3 hours so in a day you’ll likely need 8-12 nappies.

Can you do part time cloth nappies?

Yes absolutely, in fact a mixed approach is how we find most first time mammas (and dads) tend to start. This is an immense time of change so it’s so important that you as a family go at your own pace and prioritize what you feel comfortable with. We fully respect that you might like to get the hang of early nappy changes with an eco-friendly disposable brand but we do find that once you start to integrate reusable Cloth Nappies you’ll be surprised at how easy they are to transition to!

We suggest starting with a few Cloth Nappies for daytime changes, aim for around 3 a day so that your washing loads are efficient. Starting at home is always easier as you have everything on hand. As you build confidence and a bit of a rhythm to your routine convert more and more of your nappy changes to Cloth and eventually introduce overnight once you’re confident matching the level of inserts with the absorbancy your bub needs.

What other products will I need as a FTM starting out with Cloth?

The essentials you’ll need as a first time parent won’t differ from our general advice, you can read our Essentials for Starting Cloth here. But in short you’ll need…

If you’re really looking to go waste-free our Cloth Wipes are designed to replace conventional wet wipes, simply dampen them with water as needed with each change. We recommend starting with 20-30 wipes for this.

Other things you might need to consider for early nappy changes are a gentle Nappy Cream in case of irritation, we stock one by Being which is made from calming all natural ingredients. 

What is the best new-mum hack for nappy changes?

A great idea is to set yourself up with a portable change caddy so that you can have all of your essentials at hand no matter where you and bub are in the house. We love the one by BCleanCo but even a little basket will do. Stock it with…

+ a few Cloth Nappies

+ plenty of Wipes for changes and spit ups

+ your Nappy Cream

+ a couple of clean onesies for bub

+ Mammas essentials - any medications, some hair ties and a water bottle for hydration during feeds

But most of all, our best advice is to be kind to yourself mamma - soak up those precious moments with your new babe and remember the sleepless nights won’t last. You’ve got this!

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