Essentials for starting out with Cloth Nappies

Essentials for starting out with Cloth Nappies

Well done on making the decision to switch to modern Cloth Nappies! We have compiled a list of the essentials you'll need to get started with cloth to make the transition as easy as possible.


Cloth Nappies

Duh! Even swapping two of your disposable nappies per day to reusable modern Cloth Nappies will save 730 nappies from landfill. So whether you're slowly easy into the cloth life or doing a complete overhaul to full-time reusable nappies every effort counts towards making a difference.

To slowly make the transition we suggest starting with purchasing around 4 Cloth Nappies so that you can start making the switch with 1-2 nappies per day. For a full time stash you'll ideally need to work your way up to a collection of 20-30 nappies.


Inserts and Trifold Boosters

Every Pekpi Cloth Nappy comes with an hourglass and anchor insert - which you can use independently or together for maximum absorbency. For heavy wetters you can boost absorbency even further with trifold inserts on top of these which offer 3 additional layers of absorbency.

When starting out it might take a bit of trial and error with the best insert combination to suit your babe so make sure you're equipped.


Dry Pail

A dry pail is the style of washing basket you will need to store soiled nappies before going into the wash. It is important that your basket has holes to allow air to pass through so that ammonia, moisture and odours are not trapped when the nappies are stored. This is also why you cannot store used nappies with your regular laundry, and why we don't recommend leaving them to soak.

After removing the used nappies from bub throughout the day, collect them in the dry pail for up to 24 - 32 hours before starting your washing routine with your pre-wash cycle (read our Washing guide here).


Eco Friendly Detergent

Using a high quality, eco-friendly laundry detergent will do a lot of the heavy lifting in keeping up your Cloth Nappy routine. Low-quality detergent buildup can actually cause the nappies to repel moisture - definitely not the desired outcome!

You can find our recommended dosage quantities on our Washing Guide, and have found liquid detergents often the most effective in cleaning and keeping our nappies soft. We use and recommend Kin Kin Naturals in our family.


Drying Rack

You'll need an adequate setup to dry your Nappies after use. A drying rack is the most eco-friendly method, make sure that you have a sturdy one that you can set up in a well ventilated area (you'll certainly be giving it a workout!).


Wet Bag 

These will be your Cloth Nappies' BFF! To begin with you'll need at least one large Wet Bag for storing used cloth nappies when you're out and about.

These little lifesavers are great for so many things - we keep one in the car for spills, for storing wet Swim Nappies after swimming lessons or the beach, carrying soiled clothes after daycare... the list goes on. Some people even keep a spare Wet Bag at their change table for storing used Cloth Nappies from overnight changes before they can add to their dry pail in the morning.

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