Sustainable Beach Bag Essentials for Earth-Loving Families

Sustainable Beach Bag Essentials for Earth-Loving Families

As summer sets in it's time to pack your bags and head for some sandy adventures with your little ones!

As an earth-loving young family based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, the beach is one of our favourite places to spend time with our little ones. Appreciating the beauty of the ocean has been one of the biggest inspirations for us to lead a more sustainable life, and protect our earth for our children to enjoy in years to come.

We’re sharing our guide to sustainable beach bag essentials for seaside antics with babies and toddlers.

These are little hacks we love to leave a lighter footprint on the environment.

Reusable Swim Nappies 

One of our favourite and easiest swaps is Reusable Swim Nappies. Even those who aren’t ready for the commitment of Cloth find this substitute very easy. Just like disposables, reusable Swim Nappies are designed to catch number two’s but let liquids pass through so that bub stays buoyant in the water (ever wondered why this is? Well… If the nappy was to be absorbent, the weight would sink to the bottom).

We mindfully designed Pekpi’s Reusable Swim Nappies with a super convenient slip on and off design, with comfy elastic legs and a drawstring waist to adjust the fit. We also offer a 2 for $50 deal, as we always recommend young families bring one backup to the beach or pool, especially in the early days.

Our absolute favourite hack for babes in reusable Swim Nappies is to layer a Cloth Nappy on the outside of the Swim to get them from home to the water without leaks or sandy changes.

Bid farewell to single-use and check out our reusable Swim Nappy collection for adorable and planet-friendly options.

Mesh Bags for Toys

Toys and sandy beaches are a match made in heaven, but the post-beach sand dump in the car or home? Not so much. 

One little hack we came across is using a mesh bag, simply toss your toys in and give them a good shake - voila! Leave the sand at the beach and bring home only happy memories!

Wet Bags to keep dry!

No one likes a soggy beach bag. Enter the hero of our beach escapades – the Wet Bag! Keep dry and wet clothes separate with our double pouch Medium and Large Wet Bags that work as a convenient two-for-one.

Although, you’ll often find more than one in our beach bag! We love the Small Wet Bag for little essentials like Sunscreen and lip balm. The Small is also the perfect size for transporting a wet Swim Nappy back home without any leaks.

Sustainable Snacks

Keep the whole family fuelled for fun in the sun with sustainable snacks and opt for reusable snack bags and containers to minimise single-use plastics. 

Pack fresh fruits, cut veggies, and your little one's favourite treats in eco-friendly stainless steel lunch boxes or a cooler bag and don’t forget the reusable drink bottles. So much of the waste we see on beaches is unfortunately plastic food wrapping. Try to make better habits at home to avoid single-use plastic at the source, eliminating the temptation of bringing it to the beach and potentially leaving it behind, or worse- finding its way to the ocean later on.

Mindful Cleanup

Before you bid farewell to the beach, take a moment for a mindful cleanup. Ensure you leave the shore as pristine as you found it by collecting your belongings and disposing of any rubbish responsibly. We love to use this as a teaching moment to discuss with our kids why it is so important to be stewards of our earth for future generations. We support the ‘Take 3 for the Sea’ initiative, not only removing our rubbish but (safely) picking up anything we see discarded that may be harmful to marine life.



Let's make every seaside adventure a day of fun and gratitude for the beauty of our planet. Share your favourite sustainable beach essentials with us, and here's to a sun-soaked, eco-friendly summer with your little beach explorers!

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